Life Charity

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Life Charity provides supported accommodation through a network of 24 Houses to pregnant women and young mothers and their babies. The Houses and their Floating Support Service support these young women to achieve independent living.  Life Charity also Work in … Continued

Little Baby & Co

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Little Baby & Co provides precious keepsakes boxes containing a candle, a poem and knitted teddy and seeds to plant for parents who have experienced early miscarriage. They also provide pet memory boxes for owners who have lost their beloved … Continued


Imago aims to promote, develop and facilitate social action, supporting independence and empowering communities. They deliver a range of community services across Kent, working with Young Carers, disabled children, young people, schools and vulnerable older people.  Through Imago’s projects and … Continued


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HOPE provides support to women of all ages who have low self-esteem, feel isolated and depressed. They offer social activities to give them a chance to be confident within their community. HOPE takes into account religious needs and values and … Continued

Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

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Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide is a charity founded in Marden 4 years ago in order to reduce the needless pain, suffering and death that occurs in many parts of the world whenever there is no satisfactory anaesthetic service. In the UK … Continued

Young Lives Foundation

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Young Lives Foundation (YFL) supports young people through times of difficulty and distress, enabling their voices to be heard and assisting them to reach their full potential. YFL supports young offenders, or young people at risk of offending, families in … Continued

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