Welcome to the 2023 Kent Charity Awards

By completing and submitting this form you will be entering your organisation into this year’s awards.   The Awards a free to enter and deadline for entries is Friday 19th May 2023

All entry forms will be viewed by our judging panel. Your submission is what our judges see first and if you rush this process, unfortunately it could be the award application that is the culprit of you not becoming a finalist.

Once you have put down the basics, maybe share the document with your colleagues and even service users for their suggestions . Really demonstrate how good your organisation is, tell us about your team, about your ideas and also let us know if you collaborate with other charities.

Don’t forget to nominate a colleague, friend or someone you know into our Volunteer and Trustee of the Year category.  The nomination form can be found here.

NB: We would recommend you prepare your entry in a separate document first and then complete the entry form online, this way should there be a technical failure you will at least have a copy of your entry.  If you have not heard confirming receipt of your entry, we would be grateful if you could email us at info@kentcharityawards.com 

You can download a Word version of the 2023 entry form by clicking here

Kent Charity Awards 2023

Entry form for Charities
  • The Kent Charity Award Categories

    Below you will find ten different categories. Please put YES or NO in the relevant boxes - you can enter more than one category if you wish, but we ask that you prioritise the categories you would like your charity to be considered in. If you are not sure what category your charity comes under, please mark the 'Other' category, or get in touch with us at info@kentcharityawards.com
  • This category is for charities that look after or support children
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  • There are many charities in Kent who work within the disabled and mental health sectors. These charities work tirelessly helping to improve the lives of people with disabilities and mental health issues, providing clinical care, support or funding research into possible cures or improved mental wellbeing for everyone.
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  • This category includes animal, environment and wildlife. As well as reward individual entries, we also recognise collaborate entries. These can be submitted with another charity where you have come together to achieve a shared goal.
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  • This category is for charities that provide essential care and support to individuals in Kent.
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  • This category is for charities working in the community. You can also submit a local community project, however, you would still need to be a registered charity to enter.
  • It's a big commitment setting up a charity and we would like to recognise the hard work involved and the impact that it is having on a local/national level. This is the ideal category If you are a charity that has been established between 1-3 years.
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  • In our Large Charity of the Year category we are looking for charities whose income exceeds £5 million a year.
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  • This category is for charities that are highly dependent on volunteers
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  • Charities are fantastic at promoting themselves to a wider audience and this award recognises these efforts. Whether you have run a specific Marketing, PR or Social Media campaign that you are proud of and has achieved the desired results, this category is a great way to reward your team.
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  • If you cannot find a category that best fits your charity, please tick this 'Other' box. We will then be back in touch with you regarding which category we think your entry would fit.
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  • Our website has a ‘Charities in Kent’ section which is a database of charities who have previously entered the awards. We would very much like to list your charity here and would be grateful if you could supply us with a 150 word profile of your charity (in third-person point of view so, not us or we, but instead they, he, she). If your charity is already listed and you would like to amend the text, please include this below.