The Trustee Dilemma

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Kent Charity Awards Head Judge, Susan Robinson from Kreston Reeves, talks about the vital role played by charity Trustees.



It has been an incredibly difficult time for charities over recent months and the future still looks uncertain. Staff and volunteers have worked incredibly hard to ensure they are supporting their beneficiaries.  Often this work has been done remotely but, in some situations, this has to be in person. Methods of working have had to change and there have been some steep learning curves in IT. One group of volunteers is often forgotten, namely trustees. Trusteeship is a voluntary role and many trustees also have full-time jobs or are business owners. During this time of crisis, they are trying to ensure that their own businesses can survive and then have to work to help their charity navigate new challenges. It is not a role for the faint hearted but one that many trustees are stepping up to.

The Trustee role is one of safeguarding and strategy, challenging and holding others to account. Any previously agreed strategy is probably completely out of date in the current climate, and new strategies are being formed as this article is written. Budgets and cashflows are being updated and stress-tested on a regular basis. Meetings are being held digitally and on a more regular basis. The responsibilities of a trustee cannot be delegated but they do need to work closely with their management team.

The Kent Charity Awards recognise the great contribution Trustees make to the success of charities in our County. We have had some amazing finalists and the selection of a winner is always challenging. Our winners have demonstrated passion, dedication and development of good governance within their organisation. Do you have a Trustee that you would like to nominate for the Awards in 2021? Many trustees are going the extra mile in this current Coronavirus pandemic.  Why not thank them for their efforts by nominating them for the Trustee of the Year Award?

Due to the current position the 2020 Awards have had to be cancelled until next year. All existing nominations will be automatically transferred over to 2021, but if you would like to add any further comments to your original nomination please contact the team at