Why should your business sponsor an event?

The benefits of sponsoring Events

Sherene Garvin-Mack, Marketing Manager at Diggerland gives advise on why sponsoring awards can be a good thing and therefore worth considering when looking at your annual marketing budget.  Here’s what Sherene said about sponsoring the KCA’s.

This year Diggerland Kent park sponsored the first ever Kent Charity Awards, a prestigious event that showcases the hard work and perseverance that charities and voluntary groups, undertake to make the lives of others better.

The awards were well received with over 150 applications and the awards ceremony played host to over 200 guests, including local MP Rehman Chistie, the Mayor of Medway and Bucks Fizz!


So why should a company sponsor an event?

Giving Something Back

Most importantly it is about giving something back to the community. Companies that get involved with local events send out a message that they are genuinely concerned and interested about providing support to their local area. Showing that your company cares, makes a company more human then just another corporate entity.


Any event you sponsor will want to ensure the event is well received and well attended, to make it a success for years to come. Therefore when a sponsor is involved with an event, they will benefit from all marketing and the event being promoted throughout the entire process.

Brand Awareness

Sponsors almost always benefit from their logo being shown on any promotional material to do with the event. Therefore your brand will become instantly recognisable on flyers, brochures, websites, email marketing campaigns, tickets, signage, press etc.


By sponsoring an event you get to meet with and form meaningful, professional relationships usually with people at management or Director level, with the other sponsors, speakers, vendors and attendees. This is key to either selling your brand or buying from other businesses.

Lead in Attendees with a Snippet of your Business

Taking a sample of your business to the event is a fantastic way to get noticed. Always ask the event organisers first… If you are a stationary company, leave a branded pen on the table for each guest. In the cake business? Leave a pretty cupcake.

I work for Diggerland so at the last event we sponsored, every guest received a complimentary ticket with our brochure. Not only is this a lovely gift for all attendees but it gets your brand out there as well.

You do not have to sponsor every event, but perhaps one a year would benefit the community and your business. Choose something close to the company’s values, morals and interests. Trust me, you will enjoy every moment!