2022 Children’s Charity of The Year – Curly’s Legacy!

Let’s hear from our 2022 Children’s Charity of the Year, Swale based Curly’s Legacy!

Curly’s Farm is a MULTI award winning not-for-profit ‘working farm’ that supports the emotional, social, mental health and wellbeing of young people. This exciting young charity is based in Swale and was established in 2019. Curly’s Farm itself is a 10-acre working farm housing 300 rare-breed animals. As well as the farm, they also run a shop, have a respite caravan and also hire out their facilities for childrens parties!

We caught up with Kyle Radcliffe the founder of Curly’s Legacy to see how they have got on since being crowned Children’s Charity of the Year.

What was it like to win Children’s Charity of the Year?

A complete surprise as we were up against VERY worthy winners and so when ‘Curly’s Legacy’ was read out the entire table was in stunned silence and then an up roar of cheers from the staff and the rest of the room. The ripple effect that this award and the recognition of being Children’s Charity of the Year has been MASSIVE! It validates everything that we have done and plan to do, the profile of the Curly’s Legacy and Curly’s Farm has been raised to new heights, that without the award would be unobtainable.

Tell us about the impact of being an award-winning charity, has it opened new doors for you, have you gained sponsors/funders, increased your social media presence or client applications?    

From the evening’s events and the use of social media and the exposure that this prestigious award brings has shone a new spotlight upon us and many more people, organisations and professionals have found us and as such we have made lots of new contacts and links, it’s been brilliant.

Was entering the Kent Charity Awards an easy process?  Did you find the application questions relevant to your charity? 

The process was easy and the questions very relevant. I think people should look at the form and nominate the charities that tirelessly work in their areas.

What are you plans for the coming year?  Would you recommend the Kent Charity Awards to other charities and are you hoping to enter the Kent Charity Awards again in the 2023?

Curly’s Farm is currently planning on opening a new site to ensure every young person and vulnerable adult has a place that they can belong. Belong to a farm-ily. BE part of a team.

Curly’s were also our 2021 Start-Up Charity of the Year.  It’s been great watching them grow and hope to see them back at the KCA’s in 2023

If you would like further information on entering the Kent Charity Awards please email info@kentcharityawards.com

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